Cooling and Heating

Thermoelectric heat pump VS. Vapor phase compressor

Thermoelectric heat pump

thermoelectric heat pump

Physical Properties

  • small
  • light in weight and compact
  • very quiet

Environmental Impact

Our thermoelectric heat pumps uses no chemicals.


They have no moving parts, which makes them very reliable.

Vapor Phase Compressors

vapor phase compressor

Physical Properties

  • large
  • very heavy and bulky
  • very noisy

Environmental Impact

Vapor phase compressors use Freon, which is a chemical that is devastaing to the environment.

Freon can cause damage to the ozone in the upper atmosphere which can lead to increased levels of harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation reaching the Earth's surface. Increased, surface UV radiation can adversely affect human health and the environment(


They have moving parts and will break. The unreliable and very inefficient.

Novus’ thermoelectric heat-pump modules provide solutions for both cooling and heating applications.